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Amber Lake in Spokane County
Author: Marc Martyn
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Date: 6/13/2007
Length: 00:04:12

Amber Lake is a quality trout lake popular with fly fisherman throughout the state. Selective fishery regulations (No Bait, Single Barbless Hook) are designed to create a quality fishery at this popular rainbow and cutthroat trout fry-planted lake
The trout grow to good size and remain active throughout the season. Private land surrounds the lake except for the launch area. Only tubes and small boats with electric motors can be launched from this area. The lake is about 40-50 ft. in the deepest areas with both ends of it being shallow. In the spring and fall the chironomid fishing is excellent in the shallow ends. My special thanks to Paul Reece for contributing his music for this video.

December 18, 2009 12:27 AM
Amber Lake is a great place to catch decent sized trout. Average trout caught is over the 14in minimum. Sometimes it can be busy with fisherman (usually fly fisherman) on tubes and pontoons, but many times you can have the whole lake to yourself. If your a shore fisherman, there is little bit of shore area to the right of the boat launch you can fish at. I've had plenty of success there too. Over all if your out to catch some trout. Amber Lake is a place you should visit.
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