Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Downrigger Releases for a Dollar
Don't spend $6-8 dollars on a downrigger clip - make them for less than a dollar a clip! Learn where to get the components and how easy it is to make your your downrigger clips.
by Gringo Pescador and Mike Carey |  4/10/2015 |  359 views
Lake Chelan Get Together 2014
We had a great time at this year's Second Annual Lake Chelan Get Together. Food, fish, and Fun! See what the Event is all about and be sure to join us next year!
by One Shot Productions |  3/29/2015 |  363 views
Cowlitz B Run Steelhead
The Cowlitz river had been known for it's "A" run of winter steelhead, but as that fishery ends anglers have taken notice of the excellent late season "B" run. Big fish and lots of them when they are in. Join us with guide Bruce Warren of Fishing Fro Fun Guide Service as he takes us away from the crowded hatchery hole and explores some great steelheading water.
by Mike Carey |  2/27/2015 |  1188 views
NW Rods Product Review
NW Rods hail out of Kalama, WA. The owner Dave makes a great series of custom rods off of Gary Loomis blanks. They have a great selection and can also make rods to fit your needs. Give Dave a call at 360-931-9776
by Mike Carey |  2/10/2015 |  324 views
Lake Chelan Winter Kokanee
The word is getting out - winter fishing on Lake Chelan for kokanee can be as productive as in the spring. I fish with Jeff Witkowski of Darrell and Dad's Family Guide Service as he shows me how dialed in to this fishery he is!
by Mike Carey |  1/31/2015 |  1863 views
Steelhead Yarnies 101
From "Gringo's Garage" Gringo Pescador shows you just how easy it is to make yarnies for steelhead fishing.
by Mike Carey and Gringo Pescador |  12/26/2014 |  631 views
Winter Steelhead Float Fishing
In this video I get to fish with Ryan Hung of Reel Priorities Guide Service as he helps polish some of my float fishing skills. A nice morning of catching and learning new techniques! Underwater footage shot with a REEL Camera in underwater mode.
by Mike Carey |  12/24/2014 |  3608 views
Josephine Lake - Alpine Lakes
This pretty Alpine Lake is just off Hwy 2 at Stevens Pass. Ten mile round trip hike that starts at the ski resort but ends in the Alpine Lakes. 2,150 feet of elevation gain. I'm sure it holds fish, but none for me this day...
by Mike Carey |  12/14/2014 |  493 views
Twitching Jigs for Coho
Learn about a deadly technique for catching coho in rivers, "twitching jigs" with guide Ted Schuman of Winter Run Guide Service.
by Mike Carey and Gringo Pescador |  11/30/2014 |  919 views
Underwater and More with REEL Cameras
Check out this amazing underwater footage of sturgeon on the Columbia River. Over 50 feet deep using REEL Camera's HD Slayer. Then be sure to visit the link for a GREAT deal on this camera available only to our viewers! http://reelcameras.com/washington-lakes/
by Mike Carey |  11/20/2014 |  1044 views
Clearwater River, Idaho
Idaho's Clearwater River has an outstanding steelhead fishery, due in no small part to two hatcheries that plant over four million smolt. Today we target the larger "B" run fish with guide Kyle Jones and get into some excellent fish!
by Mike Carey |  11/17/2014 |  1102 views
Wallace Lake, Alpine Wilderness
Wallace Lake is located at Wallace Falls State Park. It's a comfortable day hike to a nice lake that holds rainbow and cutthroat trout. Don't expect solitude, although most hikers will be going to the falls and not the lake. Filmed July 5, 2011.
by Mike Carey |  11/17/2014 |  577 views
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