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Freeway (Adams County) Fishing Report
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Upper Columbia Guide Service has operated since 2004 on the Columbia river and it's tributaries. We guide Walleye at Banks Lake and potholes Reservoir. Spring chinook at the mouth of the Wind river and Drano Lake, summer chinook and sockeye at Wells dam and Brewster, Fall Chinook off the mouth of the Klickatat River and The fall/winter steelhead at pateros off the mouth of the Methow River and Kokanee at Lake Chelan. Our priorities every day on the water are to have Fun, catch every fish we can, and return Safe!
Name: nickp90 Date: February 08, 2014 Rating:
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So I haven't had time to really write a report till now so sorry. Went out with the Girlfriend again on sat around 10 am there was already several people on the ice. The first holes we drilled ended up really shallow water so we moved to about where I caught my monster last weekend. The ice was a lot different with the cold front we had during the week, Its was a solid 8in thick and more in some places. We meet up again with our friend from last week as well he was fishing his usual area about 50 yrds from us, he was catching a fish every 5 mins it seemed. Before long he was a limit and suggested drilling a hole just above his. I did and not 2 min in the water I had my first up for the day. I drilled a new hole for Ariel a few more feet from mine and not to long after she had her first up on the ice. They weren't very big but fun and fast. Went dead shortly after so we moved across the lake up where some shore anglers have been the 2 weeks before. Drilled a few holes after about 15mins the fish were hitting. Several were put backs for another season just way to small some made a great dinner. I talked to others around the lake and every one was catching fish, several people had fish over 20in. Just a GREAT day on the ice!!!

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#1 hewesbob says:
February 12, 2014 02:27 PM
Were you at Freeway lake or Fourth of July lake?
#2 nickp90 says:
February 12, 2014 02:49 PM
Didn't catch that. Wierd. I was at forth hoppyfully I can figure out how to change it
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