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Stocking Stuffers and More

The Troutist - 12/3/2012
Well it’s that time of year where my time is very limited and everyday is booked full of special projects, setting up next year’s events like seminars, public speaking appearances, different assignments for magazines, selling my photos, book signings, and other special projects that are in the works. I have things that are booked clear into November of next year and I am still trying to close out December of this year with five upcoming events. With just about every minute of my day accounted for and the fact that I don’t like shopping for gifts I make myself a list of things that I know will make the anglers and outdoorsman in my circle of friends happy. Now most of these items I call stocking stuffers, but I know they will be appreciated. These are things I have used in the past with a couple of new products I have been working with this year. This list might help the rest of you that find yourself in the same situation as I’m in.

Macks Lures have several items I look for, Smile Blades, Smile Blade Flies, Wedding Rings, Promise Keeper Spinners, Double D Dodgers, and Jigs. Work Sharp Tools has a new knife sharpener that I can carry with me in the field and has been a real life saver. The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener, this little life saver is compact and easily fits in my pockets or tackle box. This sharpener comes with diamond plates, ceramic rods, leather strop, sharpening guides, even a hook sharpener. Pretty much will sharpen everything you have while on a camping or fishing adventure. Comes in at about $40.00, this is what I consider value for the dollar.

Every angler is in need of fishing line my choice are products from Izorline. They have it all, monofilament, co-polymar, and braided lines. They have become the #1 selling monofilament in the nation and have become the choice of many guides right here in the NW. Their abrasion resistant’s and knot strength are legendary. Here is another little tidbit they were the first company to come out with the braided lines. Again I use these products and they definitely get my stamp of approval not only for their performance when it counts but value for the dollar.

Coast products have made me a complete believer in all of their lighting products, knives, and multi-tools. I love their flashlights and the telescopic beam adjuster. These flashlights come in all sizes from tiny to the police size lights and what I find that really impresses me is all of them seem like your carrying flood lights in your hand. The knives have great blades and they have an easy open feature that is so quick and reliable that I was amazed at the ease and speed they opened up with. The double lock feature is another great safety feature making these my top choice for knives in the field. The multi-tools are a thing of beauty with several different models to choose from. They cover all of your needs and I consider them a great value for the dollar no matter what you choose.

Camp Chef products are top notch and they have it all when it comes to grilling outdoors they even have products for your kitchen. The grills I will admit are a tad bit too big for your stocking but I am hoping to find another under my tree this year. They come in one burner models all the way up to three, covering every price category without lowering their product standards. Dutch ovens, smokers, fire pits, and all the accessories that you will ever need to make you the master griller of the neighborhood. Whatever you get from these folks I consider it all value for the dollar. And I have been very pleased with all of mine.
Rod holders by Folbe have been my personal choice for the past several years. They are the best around in my opinion and have rod holders for all different types of angling. I have the fly rod holders and the quick release holders. They have all the accessories to go along with them to cover all your needs, if that is not enough they also carry Davit systems, pulleys and more. Every part is manufactured here in the USA and they are a local company based in Seattle. Again these products are not only well made but a very great value for your dollar. I hope this helps you in your holiday shopping for the anglers and outdoorsman in your circle.

Join me on my facebook page Uncle Wes. So until next time may your next trout be your trophy mount. The Troutist-“Uncle Wes” Malmberg.