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Marching Toward Winter
I haven't done an update for awhile, buried in videos and fun fishing trips! So final a day off and it's time to clean up my In Box. Here you go:

Bob Johansen shares a story about Oregon Elk Hunting in Roosevelt Royalty.
Bob also shared topo maps for new lakes: Fiander (Thurston) and Forest (Pierce)

New lake photos of Amber and Yocum lake thanks to Marc Martyn.

Dave Graybill gives us several fishing updates for Central Washington: The Methow, Fish Lake and the Columbia, Bridgeport Steelhead, Pateros and Entiat Steelhead.

Uncle Wes gives us an overview of his busy fall schedule and a heads up on JBLM seminar event taking place November 10th. He also has a little rant about snaggers, and recent stocking updates.

Pete Heley gives us the latest updates on Oregon fishing.

Last but not least, be sure to set aside November 17th for the End of the Season Swap Meet we are running in association with Bigbass Dez. Lot's of great gear to buy at swap meet prices, and, you can sell your own extra stuff as well!

Whew! My InBox is now officially clean!
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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: November 05, 2012 11:59 AM
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