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Salmon Time is Rolling Along!
It's end of August and the salmon are arriving to our westside rivers and saltwater areas. Time to go get em!

John Kruse has an audio report on Ilwaco salmon fishing.

Meanwhile Dave Graybill gives us Central Washington Salmon updates. Did you heare the lake Wenatchee sockeye limit is now 5 fish per day? Again, time to go get em!

...and More From Dave! Check out this article hot off the presses on the Icicle river and more.

Baker Lake is almost closed to sockeye, but we do want to thank Lou S and rseas for their contribution of a depth contour map of Baker Lake. An exclusive only on WashingtonLakes.com!

Pete provides our latest Oregon fishing update here.

And finally on a personal fishing note, may I recommend the incredible fishing going on now at Merwin Reservoir? The limit was bumped to 10 kokanee a day and these fish are still in great shape and averaging 12-15", with a few bumping 16-18". Again, go get em!

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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: August 28, 2012 02:12 PM
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