Digital Anglers Premium Membership Details
A basic membership is free and requires only a valid email address to create an account. As you get involved in the activity, whether as a more casual or avid fisherman, consider becoming a Premium Member. As a Premium Member, you will have access to additional website features and functionality that will help you get the most out of your fishing experiences!

If you already have a Premium Membership, consider extending it while the rates are low. There is no need to wait until your current membership expires.

Membership payments are accepted through Google Checkout. It is a very quick and simple payment interface. If you've used Google Checkout before, just enter your username and password. If you are new to Google Checkout, the only thing that is required aside from the payment information is to set an email address and password just in case you want/need to use Google Checkout again. Your Premium Membership will be active immediately after the payment process is completed.
Personalized Fishing Portal
A page dedicated to your fishing excapades! It's a homepage that contains your blog entries, links to your photo galleries, forum posts, fishing reports and more.
Fishing Blog
Your own little slice of WLC! Feel free to post what you want on your blog, complete with photos and comments. Blog entries can be public, private, or just for friends.
Generate Detailed Lake Statistic Reports
Dive into the data we've been collecting for years. Find out which lakes rated best for any given month of the year. What lure has produced the best results? What time of day is best? These reports and more are all available.
Historical Data Reports! Historical Data Reports! Historical Data Reports!
GPS Enabled Functions
The HotSpot data can be exported to .GPX format! Import these HotSpot waypoints into your GPS unit or Fish Finder so you'll be able to fish the exact spots as other members.
Email Alerts
Sign up for email alerts. Get an email notification when reports are posted to your favorite lakes, rivers or saltwater areas. Other alerts include: News, Videos, Audio Files, Contests, Maps and Articles/Stories.
HotSpot Fishing Location Maps
Check out all the HotSpots for your favorite lakes and find out where other anglers have been having success. Each HotSpot can be linked back to the original report so you can see who posted it, what equipment they used, and other relevant data important to recreating their fishing experience.
HotSpot Map w/Report Data! HotSpot Map! HotSpot Heat Map!
Personalized Weather Reports
Create your own 5 day weather forecast page for 2 Zip Codes. Forcast details include Temp, Wind, Barometric Pressure, Humidy, Visibility, Dew Point, UV Index, Sunrise and Sunset. Each day is split into separate Day and Night forecasts.
Custom High Resolution Lake Maps (w/Contours)
We've updated some of our Topographic maps as well as created some new ones. These new maps are high resolution and in full color. Great for printing and laminating for use on the boat.
Custom HiRes Contour Map! Custom HiRes Contour Map! Custom HiRes Contour Map!
Personal Photo Galleries
Create your own photo galleries and upload your personal fishing photos. Great for showing off your trophy catches, posting to your blog, or adding to posts in the forum.
Fishing Reports
Browse through our huge database of fishing reports or add your own. Reading through fishing reports is a great way to understand how to approach a given lake and have great success.
Included! Included!
Forum Access
Full access to our fishing forum is free for all.
Included! Included!
Report Comments
Members can post comments on everything from fishing reports to blog posts, articles, photos, news stories and more.
Included! Included!
Fishing Videos
We have a large library of fishing oriented videos for your enjoyment. Members can post their own videos as well.
Included! Included!
Before you can upgrade to a Premium Membership, you need to register for a free basic account. Once you have completed the registration process, you can return to this page and proceed with upgrading your account. We are currently not accepting new Premium Membership purchases. Starting in mid-March Premium Memberships will be free!

Digital Anglers Refund Policy

I have to pay to see the Fishing Reports now?

No! The Fishing Reports are still free, and they always will be. Subscriptions to our website offer an enhanced experience with much more content. The reports, forum, standard maps, videos and much more are still free to use with the Basic Membership.

I don’t want to use Google Checkout to purchase my membership. How can I become a Premium Member?

If you don’t wish to use Google Checkout to subscribe you can send a check or money order payable to Digital Anglers to the following address:

Digital Anglers
ATTN: Membership Purchase
PO Box 3584
Redmond, WA 98073-3584

Make sure to indicate your login name so we know which account to upgrade. We will email you once your Premium Membership has been activated. Thanks for supporting our site!