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Fall Trout
This is one of my favorite times of year to go chase trophy trout. I love the fact that the boat traffic is very minimal and for the most part all of the speed demons have disappeared. This fishery is not about numbers of fish caught but size, although there are occasions where you just can’t keep them away from your offerings. I will also admit that I like the starting times which for me is generally between 9-10am and I will work the lake until about 3pm. For me five to six hours on the water...
Category: Trout  Date: 10/29/2013  Author: The Troutist
Fish Camp 2013 Part 3
Usually I am packing up and heading home on Thursday morning and as luck would have it an opportunity to get out with Amato Publications Dave Eng, Cindy Thompson, and Mack’s Lures new Sales Rep Lance Merz to chase some of those up river bright Chinook. The one thing I was really going to enjoy was the fact I didn’t have to worry about scanning the waters looking for great shots or getting action shots of members of our fishing group. I will admit I did get a few photos but for the most part I w...
Category: General  Date: 10/22/2013  Author: The Troutist
Fish Camp 2013 Part 2
I would like to start this column with a special shout out and a very big thank you to Pam Iman and LaVonne Hall-Mershon. These ladies ran the Mess Section from the ground up, planning, purchasing, cooking, and taking care of all of us. I find that most times they get overlooked for all the hours they put in before, during, and after this event. Without them this camp would not be the success that it has been over the years. Thanks again ladies, look forward to seeing you again next year.Da...
Category: Bass  Date: 10/11/2013  Author: The Troutist
Fish Camp 2013 Part 1
I didn’t think it was possible but this year Ed Iman’s Fish Camp was even better than last years. This is going to be a multi-series column, I am not sure exactly how many but I am leaning towards two or three. Most fish Camps I arrive on a Sunday afternoon and head out early Thursday morning. This year I had a couple more opportunities to get out and do some more hover fishing at the mouth of the Deschutes River. That’s right all I had to do was concentrate on fishing and not worry too much ab...
Category: General  Date: 10/1/2013  Author: The Troutist
Promises, promises
Okay so I promised my better half that I would slow down a bit in September, although I am still trying to figure out what happened to August. I have been putting on a lot of miles on the old angling rig whether it is pulling my boat the Pelican to a new lake or just driving to meet someone at o’dark thirty to get in some salmon angling. It is definitely taking its toll on these old bones of mine. It looks like I am going to have to push that promise back about a month and slow down a bit in Oc...
Category: Lakes  Date: 9/11/2013  Author: The Troutist
Astoria Salmon
In my last article I had mentioned that I had to hit the rack so I could be on the road by 1:30am. This was a salmon trip with friends, Bruce & Dionne Warren, and my old friend Steve Buckner. We were meeting up at the Deep River Boat Launch at 0-dark thirty, reason being is that the parking area is very limited and it is just a short run to the Astoria Bridge. This is one of those rare trips for me that is not business but for fun, to actually not worry too much about the photos that go wit...
Category: Rivers  Date: 8/30/2013  Author: The Troutist
August Trout Fishing
Another year has come and gone for me as I celebrated my birthday with a nice afternoon nap. Yes that’s right life in the fast lane. I remember the days when I would wake up and take inventory of my body to make sure all my parts were still there and everything was still in working order. Now days my parts all let me know they are still there and sometimes they all function together. To be quite honest I am surprised that I am still here after all the self inflicted abuse I put my body through ...
Category: Trout  Date: 8/30/2013  Author: The Troutist
The Pinks are coming
It’s zero dark thirty, Brett and I stumble out the door to meet up with Guides Bruce Warren of Fishing For Fun Guide Service (253-208-7433) and Doug Dosch of Rivers Edge Guide Service (253-350-2884) to chase some Pink salmon. Our destination was the ramp at Redondo. Brett would be working the water with Doug and his client Josh Tilson, and I would be with Bruce and his clients the Stegall’s.This story starts back in June when Air Force TSG Robert Stegall Jr. and his family attended a semina...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 8/17/2013  Author: The Troutist
Tiger Musky
Now I know I said I was taking a few weeks off get in some rest and work on that honey-do list, I did get a couple of the biggies on the list taken care of. My thoughts were this effort would put me back in good standing around the house and I will fit the rest of them in with my daily routine. The opportunity came up for me to hit Lake Tapps with Guide Todd Reis of Reis’s Extreme Musky Guide Service (253-985-0414) and my friend Kevin Bye. This adventure was put together early Saturday morning ...
Category: General  Date: 8/11/2013  Author: The Troutist
Break Time!
Here it is the first of August already the weather is starting to cool down a bit and salmon season is here. I have already logged in more road miles and worked lakes and rivers for trout and steelhead than I had planned. I am over budget, beat up, tired, and in need of some rest. I have been told more than once this year that I need to slow down and I am constantly reminded that I am not 50 anymore. So it looks like I will be taking a couple of weeks off the water and addressing the honey-do l...
Category: General  Date: 8/8/2013  Author: The Troutist
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