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Wenatchee Steelhead and Burke Lakes
The good news for steelhead anglers is that the Wenatchee River has been open for steelhead fishing has been expanded. The new area of the Wenatchee now open to steelhead fishing is from the Icicle River Road Bridge to 400 feet below Tumwater Dam. It has been a few years since anglers have been able to fish this section and boy are people excited. This stretch in the scenic Tumwater Canyon is a delight to fish. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that opening this ...
Category: General  Date: 2/26/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Ice Fishing Update Fish Lake
I had a gap in the sport shows that I was attending and managed to get out fishing for an afternoon at Rocky Ford Creek, near Ephrata. Boy was I glad to be outdoors again. I also ran up to Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee, to check on the ice conditions and angler success or lack of. I can report good news on both. I wasn’t in a hurry to get to Rocky Ford. My plan was to fish into the late afternoon, when I felt that the Bunny Leeches would work the best. I also had a new sculpin patter...
Category: Lakes  Date: 2/2/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Winter Shows to Check Out
I didn’t get any fishing in but I sure had a busy week. My travels took me from the Colville Tribal Salmon Hatchery in Bridgeport to the TRAC in Pasco. It was one of those weeks where I was out gathering information or sharing it. On Tuesday of this week I traveled to Bridgeport and met with Pat Phillips, hatchery manager at the Colville Tribal Salmon Hatchery, and Casey Baldwin, Senior Research Scientist for the Colville Fish and Wildlife Department. This gave me a chance to see the ...
Category: General  Date: 1/19/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Ice Fishing Condition Update
NCW Nickel Ads for Week of January 8th Although the weather has been chilly to greet the New Year here in Eastern Washington, there is a trend for warmer temperatures and that is good and bad news. It is good news for those who like to get out and fish the various waters available to us here, but bad news for those who enjoy ice fishing on lakes in our region. I beat the warming trend and spend my first day of the New Year fishing for steelhead below Wells Dam. I was invited to join...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/4/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Early Columbia River Steelhead Action
I could see the snow and cold weather coming so I got a couple of steelhead fishing trips in last week. I was able to test the waters on the upper Columbia River from Wells Dam to Bridgeport. Steelhead were caught everywhere I went, but some areas were better than others. Some one told me that the steelhead fishing at Wells Dam was fantastic, so I called my fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and we ran up there last Monday. We drifted the bar with bobbers and jigs, and didn’t even get a bit...
Category: Rivers  Date: 12/1/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
First Steelhead of the Season
I had a very interesting week, doing some different things. I toured the new Grant County PUD hatchery at Priest Rapids Dam. I shot video footage of the King of the Reach Salmon Derby that supports this hatchery. I also managed to get a steelhead trip in and put the first steelhead in the boat for the season. Last Thursday, I was part of a media tour that took place at the new hatchery facility that Grant County just completed. This hatchery is dedicated to the production of up river B...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Hanford Reach and Wells Dam Chinook
Holly cow, it’s October! September sure flew by. It seems like fall used to be a slow time for fishing around here, but not any more. Summer run salmon fishing was hardly over before people were heading down to the Hanford Reach chasing fall salmon. There is still plenty of fall fishing down there ahead of us, and before we know it steelhead season will be open. I was in Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee the other day and there was a fish from the Hanford Reach on ice in a cooler and it was ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 9/26/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Fish Camp 2014
September is always a busy month for me and this year is no different. I have fished off the coast for tuna, returned to do some seminars on fall fishing and then traveled to the Columbia River Gorge for Fish Camp. I came back in time for Salmon Fest in Leavenworth and now I will be heading for the Oregon coast to fish for coho and kings. I am on the run and loving every minute of it. I have already reported on the tuna trip, and if you want to see what it was like go to my Fishing TV...
Category: Bass  Date: 9/22/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Fall Chinook Tidal Wave Coming
The thunder storms that rolled through our region last week were bad news for anglers in many ways. It kept them off the water for a couple days for sure. Up north it cooled the water temperature in the Okanogan River and sockeye and king salmon that were held up in the Brewster Pool on the Columbia shot up into the Okanogan. The good news is that there is hot and clear weather coming and fishing will improve in the Pool very soon. There is plenty of good king fishing ahead for anglers ...
Category: Stories  Date: 8/26/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Brewster/Wenatchee Sockeye On and Off
Fish are mean. They seem to know when you really want to catch them and turn their backs on you. I had my daughter over for a visit recently, and convinced her that she was going to go back home with a load of fresh sockeye. Well, the fish didn’t see it that way. The week started off good enough. Rollie Schmitten invited Doug Pendleton, from Plain, and me to join him for a morning of sockeye fishing on Lake Wenatchee. We were into fish almost immediately, and Doug, who had never caught...
Category: Stories  Date: 8/2/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
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