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Walleye Action in Central Washington
Spring has definitely arrived here in Central Washington. We are getting lots of sunny weather, with the occasional sprinkle. There are some blustery days, but anglers that get on the water early are enjoying a variety of early season fishing. Everything from kokanee to walleye and trout are being chased at a variety of lakes in the region. I usually head down to the Columbia Basin Wildlife Refuge and make a swing through the many lakes that open here on April 1st. Since I was going to...
Category: General  Date: 4/12/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Spring Walleye Action
April is a big month. There is the “April Fools” opener in the Columbia Basin. There are other spring fisheries, such as walleye and big trout fishing going by April. This is also the month for some special events, like kids fishing days in a couple of locations. As long as the weather treats us right, some of the best fishing of the year can be had in the month of April. I had been hearing of good walleye fishing on Potholes Reservoir, and I also had learned the walleye bite had begun...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/31/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Wanapum Dam Update
I had a great time at the Quincy Valley Tourism Association’s 4th Annual Tagged Trout Derby at Burke and Quincy lakes. There were 377 anglers registered for the event this year, and more tagged trout were caught than ever before. I also took a road trip with my wife Eileen to see what the Columbia River looks like with the drawdown imposed by the crack discovered in Wanapum Dam. As you may know, there were tagged trout planted in both Quincy and Burke lakes for the derby this year. This...
Category: General  Date: 3/11/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Central Washington Winter Updates
Winter weather kept most anglers off the water this past weekend. Many of them wanted to be indoors anyway. The 2nd annual Wenatchee Valley Sportsmen’s Show was going on at the Town Toyota Center, so they chose to talk and learn about fishing instead. There are good reasons for anglers to get out on the water, though. Interest in the kokanee fishing is very high again this year. I heard that there were at least ten boats on Lake Chelan on Saturday. I am getting reports of kokanee bein...
Category: General  Date: 3/2/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Central Washington Updates
Winter snow has finally fallen in Leavenworth. We’ll see how much is left by the end of the week. There are some warm temperatures and even rain in the forecast. It may delay some of my plans to get up to Rufus Woods and Lake Roosevelt, where fishing for triploid rainbow is very good right now. There will be other fishing opportunities in the area, though. I got word from the Department of Fish and Wildlife that they plan to open the Wenatchee River for steelhead fishing. The timing s...
Category: General  Date: 2/15/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Rufus Woods Triploid Release
Our winter weather remains cool and dry throughout the region, and many anglers are taking advantage of clear roads to get out on the water. There are a couple of particularly attractive winter-time fisheries that boaters are enjoying in unusually warm and clear conditions. I have made trips to Lake Roosevelt and Rufus Woods to take advantage of these great winter days. It has been confirmed that the Colville Tribe released a new batch of triploids from their net pen on Rufus Woods. The...
Category: Trout  Date: 1/27/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Lind Coulee Hard Water Report
We had a bit of rain in our area this past week, but temperatures remained low keeping ice thick enough for fishing on some of our lakes. I checked on a few of the ice fishing hot spots and also traveled to Medicare Beach to see if I could fish for big winter rainbow trout on Potholes Reservoir. Here’s what I learned about the fishing from north to Chelan and down south to the Potholes Reservoir area. On our way to Roses Lake this past Friday, to check on the ice conditions, I made a sho...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/6/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
More Ice Fishing Updates Central WA
The really cold weather we got caused a shift in the habits of anglers in our area. Very few are out chasing steelhead on the areas that remain open for fishing this winter. Not many are on the large lakes looking for rainbow trout, kokanee, triploids or lake trout. Now the frozen lakes are getting most of the attention, and it appears this will be the case for a while. Fishing still remains good on Moses Lake. Anglers are drilling holes in the ice up lake from the I-90 Bridge, and the ...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/29/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Central Washington Ice Fishing Update
I made a road trip last week to check on the fishing at several areas here in Central Washington. My final destination was Lake Roosevelt, but on the way I also stopped at Moses Lake, Rocky Ford Creek, Coulee City Marina and Banks Lake. Here is what I discovered along the way. When I parked at Blue Heron Park, which is the old State Park on Moses Lake, I there were lots of other cars in the lot. When I walked to the lake’s edge I saw a large group of anglers a couple of hundred yards ab...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/19/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Lake Roosevelt Limits
When the outside temperature is in the single digits in the morning, it’s hard to get motivated to do something outdoors. There are opportunities, though, and I just had to make a fishing trip somewhere. Fortunately I had talked to Bob Baker, with the Department of Fish and Wildlife office in Colville, about fishing in the winter at Lake Roosevelt. He told me that the fishing for rainbow was terrific. That’s all it took. I hit the road the very next day. It was a balmy 16 degrees when I ...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/19/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
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