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    Hey guys, the brand new Powell Diesel Series Rods have been out for just a little bit now.  Tacklewarehouse just got them last week and I just got mine in the mail today.  It's a 7' MH Glass Crankbait rod and guess what?  It only weights THREE OUNCES!  It's super light.  Super slick.  Super awesome!  I think Tacklewarehouse had some issues and I bought the rod before they sorted it out.  I paid 80 bucks for it but it's actually 70 bucks.  It costs much less than the endurance and max series rods, but this is more than a bargain.  Best bang for your buck possible!  Check them out!

    See it and get some perspective on the rod here!
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    Posted: February 13, 2012 10:01 PM
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