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Is there a 10-Pounder out there for you?
The message came from a fisherman I’d never met.But while I hadn’t met the man who wrote the e-mail message, I indeed had heard the question he asked. It went like this: “Where would you recommend a guy like me go if he wants to finally catch a walleye that weighs 10-pounds or more?”I wound up sending that guy a stringer full of my own questions along with a bait bucket full of “ifs” in my endeavor to respond. The questions for the most part were my own. Most of the “ifs” came from an ang...
Category: Stories  Date: 5/15/2014  Author: Stan Fagerstrom for The Mack Attack
Get Reel (Cameras)
The innovation that took casual and professional videographers by storm a few years back was the development of the GoPro with its small size and ability to be stuck in a variety of interesting locations, not to mention the waterproof case it came with. Suddenly YouTube was flooded with action videos made by amateurs and pros alike. For a few years now GoPro has pretty much owned the market. So it was a surprise to stumble upon a “GoPro Killer” located right here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m r...
Category: Stories  Date: 4/28/2014  Author: Mike Carey
A Guide to Help Understand Where Kokanee Should Be
This is an attempt to help beginning Kokanee fishermen/women understand what the seasoned pros already know. They understand the yearly cycle of a kokanee lake. I will attempt to consolidate what my literature search found in an outline form that avoids the long boring reading that has possibly keep a lot of people from reading them. But, I earnestly encourage you to read all the selected items listed at the end.After taking a renewed interest in fishing to fill time created by retirement, ...
Category: Stories  Date: 3/11/2013  Author: Lou Smith
Fishing Cabo on a budget
My wife and I were on the last day during of our two week fishing vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Our Captain and I decided to stay on the Sea of Cortez side for our 5 hour trip to prevent my wife, Sandy from getting “beat up” in the waves. It was the first day in early December where any appreciable wind blew. We had boated a nice Dorado that would top off our 2 coolers with 100 pounds (less the weight of the coolers) of high quality fish fillets. The last hour or so had been uneventful other ...
Category: Stories  Date: 1/29/2013  Author: Anton Jones
Roosevelt Royalty
OREGON’S COASTAL TILLAMOOK COUNTY IS HOME TO MANY MAJESTIC ROOSEVELT ELK WITH WORLD CLASS ANTLERS INCLUDING THE KING OF THE POPE AND YOUNG CLUB Oregon's coastal Tillamook County has long been known as "The Land of Cheese, Trees and Ocean Breeze." It is also the "land of lots of rain" that helps to create lush forestlands for an ideal, year around habitat for the magnificent Roosevelt Elk. Many large bull elk are harvested annually in this coastal region by both rifle and bow hunters. And...
Category: Stories  Date: 11/5/2012  Author: Bob Johansen
Bear Creek Bull
THE SEEMINGLY ALMOST HUMAN LIKE INTELLIGENCE OF THE SPIKE BULL ELK, THE BEAUTIFUL, REMOTE SNOW COVERED FOREST AND THE LONG BACKPACK MADE THIS HUNT HARD TO FORGET. The morning was dark and damp from recent rains and the chill of fall hung in the air as we loaded our gear into the station wagon. It was about 2:00 AM and my hunting partner had just finished working the second shift at The Boeing Company. Hunting trips seemed to eliminate his need for sleep.My hun...
Category: Stories  Date: 2/15/2011  Author: Bob Johansen
Home Invasion - From a Bucketmouths POV
It was a hot summer morning and the cold front had just recently passed through so the Mrs and I were getting a bit hungry. I was relaxing on my weed bed and the wife was foraging herself some food. I had just finished fixing the back door and I was relaxing waiting for her return.Some of the nieghborhood kids {I call them Smallies} were playing around the front of the house. I looked up and seen some activity on the surface. It was those "Fisher People" again. They sometimes take the Sma...
Category: Stories  Date: 9/5/2008  Author: BrownBomber
Fishing in Grandpa's Boat
It was early September. Mom and Dad (I still called them "Mama and "Dada") got me up real early to go perch fishing with Grampa on Lake Washington. Although Grampa and I had taken several trips in his bass boat this would be the first one out of his garage. With all my training and practice at steering the boat, pushing miscellaneous switches and putting the key into the ignition switch, I already felt like a seasoned bass bo...
Category: Stories  Date: 8/18/2008  Author: Bob Johansen
My Friend the Bass
We hit the water at the break of dawn, our poles in our hands hoping nothing goes wrong. The morning is clear the wind slightly blowing, searching for Bass,..but really not knowing.Could they be here, or there, hours spent searching, tossing our baits but not knowing for certain.We hit the pads and around all the stuctures, casting our frogs our worms and creatures that lack luster.Trolling our boat to and fro, we stop by some docks cause we think that we know."This must be the ...
Category: Stories  Date: 8/18/2008  Author: BrownBomber
North to Alaska
NORTH TO ALASKAThe big Alaska Airlines jet shook and trembled before blasting down the runway and struggling into the air with it’s capacity load of passengers--heading north to Alaska. Wes, Josh, Delmer, Kyle, Hayden and myself had eagerly anticipated this wilderness adventure and fishing trip for several months. At last we were on our way. Three and a half hours later we touched down at Anchorage. After collecting our baggage, we took taxi’s to Regal Air, the outfit that was to f...
Category: Stories  Date: 7/3/2008  Author: Bud Johansen
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