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Skykomish Summer Kings & Steelhead
Sultan WA-For salmon and steelhead anglers there are few opportunities where we can target both fish at the same time with the same techniques on the same river. For those that live in the Central Puget Sound region and even the other side of the mountains in the Wenatchee Valley the Skykomish River is a blessing. With headwaters that start near the summit of Steven Pass and highway U.S. 2 paralleling the river for most of its fish holding stretches the scenic Skykomish can be reached within a ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 6/26/2014  Author: Jason Brooks
Springer Action!
Trout and walleye fishing continues to be very good here in North Central Washington, and there are anglers heading south. They are after spring Chinook, which are returning in good numbers this year. This first run of salmon up the Columbia attracts huge traffic to the lower river. I traveled to Hood River last week to meet a good friend of mine, Herb Good. Good is a legend in salmon fishing on just the Columbia, but many Alaskan rivers as well. He was a guide for over 30 years, and a...
Category: Rivers  Date: 5/15/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
May is Spring Chinook Go Time!
For many anglers the pinnacle of the fishing season is chasing Columbia River spring Chinook, and the month of May means the Columbia Gorge, and specifically Drano Lake, and the Wind River. Both of these off channel areas offer consistent fishing for spring Chinook on most years. The fishing normally kicks off in the middle of April, but early to mid may is when these fisheries really begin to shine.Both Drano and the Wind River bubble fishery are mostly boat shows. There is some limit...
Category: Rivers  Date: 4/28/2014  Author: Kyle Jones
Wells Dam Steelhead
North Central Washington’s Steelhead have made headlines in the past few years. First the return of wild steelhead along with copious hatchery fish appearing from near extinction. Then the Steelhead returns allowing not only fisheries but a new way of managing the fish such as “catch and must kill hatchery fish” regulations along with selective gear rules on some of the most pristine and beautiful rivers east of the Cascade crest. But all of those fish use one major “Superhighway” to get there ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 3/2/2014  Author: By Jason Brooks
Methow River Steelhead Opener
The opening of steelhead fishing on most area waters was the big news this week. Anglers were able to fish on the main stem Columbia River, Wenatchee, Methow and Okanogan rivers. The weather was warm and clear, not exactly our usual steelhead fishing weather. There is nothing like chasing steelhead on a warm fall day. As expected, the fishing at the mouth of the Wenatchee was productive. The first morning was a good one here. I heard of other good hot spots on the lower river and fish...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/29/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Vernita Fall Kings
I’ve made two trips down to Vernita since my last column. I enjoyed some great weather, and had terrific days on the water. My luck getting fish in the boat varied on the two trips to this stretch of water. There are tremendous numbers of fall salmon in the river down here, and time is getting short for those who want to get in on the action. My wife Eileen and I went down last Wednesday. This was her first trip to this area, and it was a real eye opener for her. She was amazed at all...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/22/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Nehalem Coho
I had an interesting week. I was hoping that the weather forecasts were being overstated and drove down to the Oregon coast for an annual fishing trip. If anything the weather was worse than I had anticipated and I spent most of the time watching football and doing “touristy” things while I was there. My host, Richard Robinson, has a great view of both the Tillamook and Nehalem jetties from his perch on top of the hill at Rockaway, and we watched the storm rage. The barometer kept dropp...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/11/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Vernita Bridge Kings
I have been talking about the great run of fall Chinook coming up the Columbia River, and I made a couple of trips to the Hanford Reach to see if there are any in our area yet. Well, they are here and there are lots of them. I caught fish both above and below the Vernita Bridge. So many fish are here that the limit has been raised to three adults per day, wild or not. I had my brother Rick Graybill give the seminar at Town Ford last week and he wanted to display some fish at Hooked on T...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/1/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Fish Camp - King Bonanza!
I was away most of last week attending Fish Camp near Biggs on the Columbia River. For three years now I have gone to this camp where I and other outdoor writers, broadcasters and those with fishing web sites get to fish the river in this area and meet guides and makers of outdoor products. This gave me the chance to get in on the terrific fishing for fall kings in the area and see some new products that I will be introducing you to through my web site Product Review Page and the new “How To...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/1/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Park Lake Perch
There are still people out fishing for summer run salmon. There were over 71,000 of them that passed over Priest Rapids Dam this year, so there are still plenty of them around to catch. The big news now though is the number of fall salmon headed our way. It looks like an all-time record year for fall runs, with projections for as many as 800,000 entering the Columbia River. Many of them are headed for our region. To help you prepare for their arrival in the Hanford Reach and further up ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 9/22/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
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