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Chelan Spring Kokanee Essentials
Our Focus on Fishing this month is "All About Chelan". As in, All About Kokanee. In 2013, the word got out that kokanee fishing had rebounded big time on lake Chelan. Not only did the fishing start off red-hot, the kokanee were HUGE. 15-17" kokanee were the norm, and rumors of fish breaking the 20" size circulated. Although I never saw a picture of one a 20" fish, my personal best was 19". That makes for some big kokanee fillets. Even better, the kokanee that come out of lake Chelan have a rich...
Category: Lakes  Date: 4/2/2014  Author: Mike Carey
Spring Walleye Action
April is a big month. There is the “April Fools” opener in the Columbia Basin. There are other spring fisheries, such as walleye and big trout fishing going by April. This is also the month for some special events, like kids fishing days in a couple of locations. As long as the weather treats us right, some of the best fishing of the year can be had in the month of April. I had been hearing of good walleye fishing on Potholes Reservoir, and I also had learned the walleye bite had begun...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/31/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Four Hours to Boise
The adventure began years ago when a friend in the local bass club asked “I have a good spot for Yellow Perch thru the ice, are you interested?” You must know that ice fishing was and is the passion of my winters. Fishing a spoon on hard water is effective and much the same as open water in the warmer months. Wow, what a spot that was at Yuba Lake, Utah. Two pounders were as common as the mosquito in summer! Although the trophy fish are sadly gone, Yuba still has several of the world record...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/3/2014  Author: Mike Hall for The Mack Attack
Roses Lake March Fishing Warm-Up
Manson, WA-Small waves were splashing over the bow as I rowed into the wind just to the outside of the cattails on the north side of Roses Lake. Each time I made a pass along the shoreline a fish grabbed my f2 flatfish and I was now just one fish shy of my limit. Finally the rod tip bent over and I dropped the oars and grabbed the rod, reeling in the last fish. I grew up fishing this lake and back when it was a winter only fishery, opening on December 1st and closing on March 31st it was ve...
Category: Lakes  Date: 2/15/2014  Author: Jason Brooks
Lind Coulee Hard Water Report
We had a bit of rain in our area this past week, but temperatures remained low keeping ice thick enough for fishing on some of our lakes. I checked on a few of the ice fishing hot spots and also traveled to Medicare Beach to see if I could fish for big winter rainbow trout on Potholes Reservoir. Here’s what I learned about the fishing from north to Chelan and down south to the Potholes Reservoir area. On our way to Roses Lake this past Friday, to check on the ice conditions, I made a sho...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/6/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Ice Fishing with the Sonic BaitFish
Winter is here in full force. It doesn’t matter if you have snow on the ground or not; it’s cold. Colder weather means that it’s time to go ice fishing! Many lakes have already frozen over and it’s finally safe enough to walk on to the ice. The thought of ice fishing and its rewards of a stockpile of fish in the freezer; warms me up. It takes finesse, observation, presentation and patience to effectively catch fish; so let’s talk about the how to.A good lure to use is the Mack’s...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/1/2014  Author: Bob Hickey for The Mack Attack
More Ice Fishing Updates Central WA
The really cold weather we got caused a shift in the habits of anglers in our area. Very few are out chasing steelhead on the areas that remain open for fishing this winter. Not many are on the large lakes looking for rainbow trout, kokanee, triploids or lake trout. Now the frozen lakes are getting most of the attention, and it appears this will be the case for a while. Fishing still remains good on Moses Lake. Anglers are drilling holes in the ice up lake from the I-90 Bridge, and the ...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/29/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Central Washington Ice Fishing Update
I made a road trip last week to check on the fishing at several areas here in Central Washington. My final destination was Lake Roosevelt, but on the way I also stopped at Moses Lake, Rocky Ford Creek, Coulee City Marina and Banks Lake. Here is what I discovered along the way. When I parked at Blue Heron Park, which is the old State Park on Moses Lake, I there were lots of other cars in the lot. When I walked to the lake’s edge I saw a large group of anglers a couple of hundred yards ab...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/19/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Lake Roosevelt Limits
When the outside temperature is in the single digits in the morning, it’s hard to get motivated to do something outdoors. There are opportunities, though, and I just had to make a fishing trip somewhere. Fortunately I had talked to Bob Baker, with the Department of Fish and Wildlife office in Colville, about fishing in the winter at Lake Roosevelt. He told me that the fishing for rainbow was terrific. That’s all it took. I hit the road the very next day. It was a balmy 16 degrees when I ...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/19/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
Winter Walleye in Central Washington
Bhrrrr. It’s getting chilly out there. The good news is that there continues to be sunshine to offset the cooler weather. Having the sun makes a huge difference when you are out on the water, and the fact that we haven’t had any wind to speak of either, really helps. This weather should last for a while, too.Last Wednesday my fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and I took advantage of this good weather for a trip to Bridgeport. I really wanted to spend some time on Rufus Woods, but since we...
Category: Lakes  Date: 11/25/2013  Author: Dave Graybill
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