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Palmer Lake Kokanee
Everybody loves salmon. The thing is, some people don’t consider Kokanee “real” salmon. I kind of feel bad for the little guys. They’re like the crazy country cousin nobody admits to having but everyone does. I’m one of those guys, both with the crazy cousin and a Kokanee hater.That is until a recent trip to Palmer Lake in Okanagon County with guide Jerrod Gibbons and his crew from Okanagon Valley Guide Service. Now I’m converted. Kokanee are salmon and they are fun to fish for and good to...
Category: Lakes  Date: 5/5/2015  Author: Rob Holman
Some Local Lake Explorations...
I got to cover a lot of ground this week. The Rock Island Kids Fishing Day was great this year on Saturday. I was able to check on the fishing at Antillon Lake and Roses Lake near Manson at Lake Chelan. Also, I put the new boat in the water at Fish Lake, where the photo at the top of the column was taken, and made it up to Lake Chelan to get the results of the Something Catchy Kokanee Derby. The road to Antillon Lake, off of Upper Joe Creek, is still bumpy, steep and narrow. It is a du...
Category: Lakes  Date: 4/22/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Lake Chelan Get Together 2015
Traditions are what make families strong. They bind the members together and create lasting memories. When it comes to our web site, over the years we have had various picnics, clean-ups, fishing derbies and the like. But three years ago we found an annual tradition that looks like it will stand the test of time. That tradition is our annual Lake Chelan Get Together. The event was originally an impromptu small group of WashingtonLakes anglers who saw some hot Chelan kokanee reports and deci...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/29/2015  Author: Mike Carey
Wanapum Reservoir Filling, Chelan Trout Derby
I spent some time last week at the Annual Big Horn Show in Spokane. It was my first time at the show and was very impressed. I got to meet a lot of new people in the outdoor industry. On my way to the show I got a call from Olympia, telling me that I had been appointed to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission. The letter from Jay Inslee is in the mail. Governor Inslee also appointed Kim Thorburn, of Spokane, to fill a vacant eastern Washington position. Thorburn ha...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/25/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Early Season Kokanee Fishing
This time of year gets me going. I attend a lot of Sportsmen’s Shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and all I do is talk about fishing; but instead of talking about it, I want to go out and do it! One of my favorites is to fish for that elusive fish called Kokanee (sometimes called “Silvers”). Fishing for these tasty treats during this time of year can be daunting, frustrating, and all out confusing. It’s kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time; more so during t...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/24/2015  Author: Lance Merz
Columbia Basin Lakes
With daylight lingering a few hours past dinnertime and sunshine warming our afternoons March can be a very frustrating month. For those of us that would rather be outdoors casting a line or toting a gun instead of munching down nachos watching college basketball March can be downright depressing unless you like to go trout fishing. Yes, trout fishing and though the general statewide opener is several Saturday’s away the lakes around the small town of Quincy open on March 1st. There are 16 lake...
Category: Lakes  Date: 2/27/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Quincy Lake at a Glance
It's Spring and the early season low land lake opener is almost here. Quincy lake in the Quincy W.R.A. is a popular destination for anglers, and has delivered good rainbow trout fishing consistently over the years. As you can see from our historical data reports graph (based on fishing reports from anglers of this site)early spring is peak time to fish Quincy.At 20 feet maximum depth, Quincy is not a deep lake and warms up quickly. On the west side of the lake is a concrete slat ramp and pa...
Category: Lakes  Date: 2/23/2015  Author: Mike Carey
Ice Fishing Update Fish Lake
I had a gap in the sport shows that I was attending and managed to get out fishing for an afternoon at Rocky Ford Creek, near Ephrata. Boy was I glad to be outdoors again. I also ran up to Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee, to check on the ice conditions and angler success or lack of. I can report good news on both. I wasn’t in a hurry to get to Rocky Ford. My plan was to fish into the late afternoon, when I felt that the Bunny Leeches would work the best. I also had a new sculpin patter...
Category: Lakes  Date: 2/2/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Winter Trout and... Kokanee?
As hunting seasons come to a close, most sportsman and women throughout the Northwest just hang up their gear and hunker down by the fire waiting for spring to arrive. Why not go fishing? Trout and yes, even Kokanee, can be readily caught this time of year and you’re likely to have the best fishing spots all to yourself! So as you store your waterfowl gun, pull out that fishing rod and organize your fishing gear because it’s time to go fishing! In this article, I’ll provide a few tips about gea...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/31/2015  Author: Richy Harrod for Mack's Lures
Ice Fishing in Washington State
Whether you're an old hand at ice fishing or just interested in trying the sport, ice fishing in Washington can be a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air, and bringing home some tasty fish is always a bonus. The ice fishing season usually starts in mid-December and lasts until early March. The best ice fishing lakes are east of the Cascade Mountains, or what is called "The Basin," or the Colombian Plateau. Here the temperature will consistently get down to about 10 degrees, which is ide...
Category: Lakes  Date: 1/29/2015  Author: mmichelsen
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