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Winter Shows to Check Out
I didn’t get any fishing in but I sure had a busy week. My travels took me from the Colville Tribal Salmon Hatchery in Bridgeport to the TRAC in Pasco. It was one of those weeks where I was out gathering information or sharing it. On Tuesday of this week I traveled to Bridgeport and met with Pat Phillips, hatchery manager at the Colville Tribal Salmon Hatchery, and Casey Baldwin, Senior Research Scientist for the Colville Fish and Wildlife Department. This gave me a chance to see the ...
Category: General  Date: 1/19/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
Puget Sound Squiding
It’s winter and your saltwater boat has been put away for the season. Steelheading is on your mind but the rivers are blown out. What’s a Puget Sound angler to do? Well, if you can’t float a jig through your favorite slot there is a fishery that comes alive in the winter. I’m referring to cephalopods- of the order Teuthida… ah heck – squid! Yes, calamari (as known on the dinner menu) journey from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and make their way down Puget Sound in September. By winter good numbers...
Category: General  Date: 12/26/2014  Author: Mike Carey
First Steelhead of the Season
I had a very interesting week, doing some different things. I toured the new Grant County PUD hatchery at Priest Rapids Dam. I shot video footage of the King of the Reach Salmon Derby that supports this hatchery. I also managed to get a steelhead trip in and put the first steelhead in the boat for the season. Last Thursday, I was part of a media tour that took place at the new hatchery facility that Grant County just completed. This hatchery is dedicated to the production of up river B...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Fishing With the Weather
Most fishing anglers would agree that just being on or near the wateris serenity at its best. It’s muchbetter however, if you’re catchingfish. The weather is changingdramatically and all the animals are feeding themselves as much as they can to survive the winter. Fishing during the fall months can be challenging based upon environmental conditions that can change from one extreme to another on a daily basis.Fall is my favorite season, the days are warm and the nights arebrisk. These ...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Lance Merz
The Evolution of a Digital Angler
"I like to post fake reports on Facebook, then everyone goes to that river and leaves me alone on my river". So read a recent post I saw on a Facebook fishing group. Morality aside, the poster expressed something I see very often on various fishing forums and chat sites. Everyone laments the internet and it's far-reaching effect on how we decide where and when to fish, but in the next post they'll ask what locations are fishing good, what to use, and various other questions to try to land t...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Mike Carey
Opening Season Summer-Runs and Sockeye
What a great week for the opening of the season for summer-run and sockeye salmon. The weather has been great and conditions below Wanapum Dam were the best I have ever seen for trolling. Summer-runs and sockeye returns have been much higher than predicated. I had a great opening day, and we are in for some great fishing this summer. I also got a tour of the fish passage methods at both Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams. It has been a tradition that I spend most opening days of salmon sea...
Category: General  Date: 7/11/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Cle Elum River
It has been a very busy week. I floated the Cle Elum River last Monday, tried Lake Chelan for kokanee on Thursday, and on Friday traveled to Omak for the Colville Confederated Tribe’s First Fish Celebration. Rollie Schmitten and I had floated the upper Yakima River, above Cle Elum, early this spring, and we set up a float on the Cle Elum River with Troutwater guide Johnny Boitano right after we got back. The Cle Elum River enters the Yakima above the town of Cle Elum and when we drifted...
Category: General  Date: 6/25/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Fishing Season Has Arrived!
Fishing season has finally arrived and the Mack's Lure staff has been on the water, in full force! During the month of May, Bob Schmidt, Bobby Loomis and myself have been primarily fishing the Washington lakes and rivers with tremendous success. We have all met and fished with a lot of great people during our fishing expeditions and I'd like to take this time to share it with you, the reader. On the 1st of May, Bobby Loomis fished with Doug Allen at Potholes Reservoir just outside of Moses ...
Category: General  Date: 6/23/2014  Author: Lance Merz
Upcoming Central Washington Events
Anglers are itching to get at the spring salmon that have moved up the Columbia River. The seasons on both the Wenatchee and Icicle Rivers could be very good, if water conditions allow for fishing. That is just one fishery that has anglers occupied here in Central Washington, and there are some events coming up that families will want to know about, too. The previous delays in the opening of the Wenatchee River to spring salmon season were due to language in the permit that allowed fishin...
Category: General  Date: 5/20/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Kokanee Primer Part 3: Interview with a Kokanee
KOKANEE: Ok, I'll admit it. I'm moody. But that does not mean I'm impossible. But being moody is as much fun for me as it is for the fisherman.DUDE: You know, that might not be the case for all kokanee fishermen. Some can spend all day chasing you with no results. That is not fun.KOKANEE: I suppose it is all in your perspective.DUDE: So tell me why some days you cannot resist one particular color, and then the very next day you shun it.KOKANEE: Well, it is a little more complica...
Category: General  Date: 4/30/2014  Author: Gary Gordon
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