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Green Lake WDFW Steelhead Bonus Plants
This year WDFW lost a significant case regarding steelhead hatcheries and plants of early winter hatchery smolt in various Washington Rivers. Because of this court ruling, over 340,000 steelhead smolt that were to be planted in our rivers were instead planted in various lakes throughout Washington. WDFW decided to rear these smolt to catchable size fish. What became a loss of opportunity for river anglers became a gift out of nowhere for lake anglers. Several lakes have had their limits bumped ...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/3/2014  Author: Mike Carey
Tis The Season... To Go Fishing!
The holiday season has crept up on us already and many are chomping at the bit for the spring fishing season to come around again. Just because we are in the middle of winter and many parts of the country are already embedded in snow, it doesn’t mean that fishing has to stop. There are still many opportunities to get out there and fish, whether is for Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, Trout, Panfish and yes that’s right, Kokanee.There are many lakes and rivers that offer year round fishing and if...
Category: Stories  Date: 12/1/2014  Author: Lance Merz
Early Columbia River Steelhead Action
I could see the snow and cold weather coming so I got a couple of steelhead fishing trips in last week. I was able to test the waters on the upper Columbia River from Wells Dam to Bridgeport. Steelhead were caught everywhere I went, but some areas were better than others. Some one told me that the steelhead fishing at Wells Dam was fantastic, so I called my fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and we ran up there last Monday. We drifted the bar with bobbers and jigs, and didn’t even get a bit...
Category: Rivers  Date: 12/1/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Olympic Peninsula December Steelhead
December often finds me scrambling for last minute gifts in hot stuffy and over-crowded malls. As I stand in another line slowly shuffling my feet with the cash register nowhere in sight I begin to daydream about steelhead. Envisioning the upcoming winter season as snowflakes drift downward and I hear the oars lift from the water. The air is cold, my fingers are numb, but my soul is warm. Winter steelhead is unlike any other fishing for me especially the conditions we fish in and most of all th...
Category: Rivers  Date: 12/1/2014  Author: Jason Brooks
It's Raining Again
Our weekend started Saturday - you can read posts from Lakes Julia and Smelling. So on Sunday, beat up and tired already from the day before and minus the force of nature to help carry things, Mr. B and I set forth on our most ridiculous adventure yet. If by some miracle you didn’t find us completely insane already, this should fix that. The force of nature, by wisdom or luck, chose to not accompany us this time.Sunday was a day of polar opposites. It was a day of great tragedy and great tr...
Category: Trout  Date: 11/13/2014  Author: whorde
First Steelhead of the Season
I had a very interesting week, doing some different things. I toured the new Grant County PUD hatchery at Priest Rapids Dam. I shot video footage of the King of the Reach Salmon Derby that supports this hatchery. I also managed to get a steelhead trip in and put the first steelhead in the boat for the season. Last Thursday, I was part of a media tour that took place at the new hatchery facility that Grant County just completed. This hatchery is dedicated to the production of up river B...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Dave Graybill
Fishing With the Weather
Most fishing anglers would agree that just being on or near the wateris serenity at its best. It’s muchbetter however, if you’re catchingfish. The weather is changingdramatically and all the animals are feeding themselves as much as they can to survive the winter. Fishing during the fall months can be challenging based upon environmental conditions that can change from one extreme to another on a daily basis.Fall is my favorite season, the days are warm and the nights arebrisk. These ...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Lance Merz
The Evolution of a Digital Angler
"I like to post fake reports on Facebook, then everyone goes to that river and leaves me alone on my river". So read a recent post I saw on a Facebook fishing group. Morality aside, the poster expressed something I see very often on various fishing forums and chat sites. Everyone laments the internet and it's far-reaching effect on how we decide where and when to fish, but in the next post they'll ask what locations are fishing good, what to use, and various other questions to try to land t...
Category: General  Date: 10/29/2014  Author: Mike Carey
Twitching Jigs for Fall Salmon
Looking around my drift boat at the takeout last October after spending a day floating the Humptulips fishing for Coho I couldn’t believe the mess we had made. Egg cure stained just about everything pink, Styrofoam containers of sand shrimp strewn on the floor, wads of line under the seats and food wrappers tossed about. The rod holder stuffed with various rods with lines all tangled together. Then I looked in the fish box and surveyed our days catch. All the fish in the box were caught using t...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/12/2014  Author: Jason Brooks
Ferry Races and Saltwater Coho!
If you have ever fished for Coho in any of the northern Puget Sound rivers, then you know that they can be an incredibly finicky and ridiculously lockjawed bunch of fish. Even though I have tried at least a dozen times to catch Coho out of northern rivers such as the Skagit, Stillaguamish and Snohomish, those enigmatic fish are still holding out on me.If I were Captain Ahab, they would be my white whale. Make no mistake, I have caught Coho, but only when I was fishing for them in the sa...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 10/10/2014  Author: AJFishDude
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