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Here you will find one of the most in-depth collection of stories and articles related to fishing on the web. Click on the Featured Writer links to access their articles. You can also use the Category drop-down to view articles by categories. Finally, you can use the "Search Articles" function to find specifc topics of interest. Articles go back over ten years.
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Lingcod and Sea Bass
My first time out on a charter was almost fifteen years ago. It was a bottom fishing trip out of Westport, one of the many fishing town and villages along the coast of Washington. I was pretty excited to catch some black sea bass and back then you were only allowed one lingcod. The bar crossing was fairly smooth that day and luckily for myself and my fishing partner, Chad Hurst, the other group on the boat weren’t what you would call "fish savvy". While fishing in the salt water all on board co...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 4/26/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Some Local Lake Explorations...
I got to cover a lot of ground this week. The Rock Island Kids Fishing Day was great this year on Saturday. I was able to check on the fishing at Antillon Lake and Roses Lake near Manson at Lake Chelan. Also, I put the new boat in the water at Fish Lake, where the photo at the top of the column was taken, and made it up to Lake Chelan to get the results of the Something Catchy Kokanee Derby. The road to Antillon Lake, off of Upper Joe Creek, is still bumpy, steep and narrow. It is a du...
Category: Lakes  Date: 4/22/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
The Importance of Fishing Guides
Although fishing season is in full swing, there’s a great alternative of how to effectively put more fish in your boat. Have you ever wondered how to fish for a certain species of fish, but feel absolutely overwhelmed of what, where, and how to fish for them? One of the best ways to get started is by contacting a local fishing guide, getting on their boat and asking them as many questions as you want. At a local area near you, there is always a myriad of fishing guides who will show you the rop...
Category: Stories  Date: 4/22/2015  Author: Lance Merz
Neah Bay Bottom Fishing
Sunrise at Snow Creek Resort revealed beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow and the promise of a day full of fishing. I was there with my friends Robbie from work, and Mark, AKA, Gringo Pescador friend and fellow forum moderator for Northwest Fishing Reports. Our quarry for this trip was keeper ling cod, but in truth we were prepared for whatever bounty the waters off Neah Bay had to offer. If you’re not familiar with, or never been to Neah Bay, you are missing a crown jewel of the Pac...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 4/22/2015  Author: Mike Carey
Columbia Springers
Springtime means Springers! I had a chance to head out to the lower Columbia and fish the tail end of the Spring Chinook fishery (which has been extended with a one day opener for this coming Thursday, April 16th). Launching at the Port of Kalama launch at daylight isn’t because this is an early morning bite, but more of maximizing the daylight and the fact that afternoon winds often cause you to vacate the water. Trolling during incoming and slack tide is very productive. The set-up star...
Category: Stories  Date: 4/11/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Lahontan Cutthroat
Standing knee deep in the shallow waters at the north end of Lake Lenore the alkaline water foamed causing me to lose sight of my strike indicator. My floating line began sinking and it was then that I knew that the indicator was under the foaming film not bobbing along with it. Quickly raising the 5 weight fly rod causing the line to go taunt the large fish dove deep and pulled hard. My face was as much wind burned as it was sun burned but it was the pull of the heavy fish that kept me out all...
Category: Trout  Date: 4/8/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Spokane's General Store Fishing Event
One of my favorite places in Spokane to gear up for fishing season is the General Store on Spokane Valley. A longtime favorite of many sportsman, The General Store is exactly that. They’ve got everything from auto parts to toasters, and a very respectable Sporting Goods section.I stopped in the other day and ran into General Manager Jon Evans. I asked him if they were going to have a “fishing gear” sale anytime soon. It turns out, they’ve got the mother of all fishing sales planned for this...
Category: Tackle  Date: 3/30/2015  Author: Rob Holman
Lake Chelan Get Together 2015
Traditions are what make families strong. They bind the members together and create lasting memories. When it comes to our web site, over the years we have had various picnics, clean-ups, fishing derbies and the like. But three years ago we found an annual tradition that looks like it will stand the test of time. That tradition is our annual Lake Chelan Get Together. The event was originally an impromptu small group of WashingtonLakes anglers who saw some hot Chelan kokanee reports and deci...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/29/2015  Author: Mike Carey
Westport Jetty Lings
Back when gas was cheap, and I had free weekends, I grew up fishing the Jetty for ling cod. I have family on a cranberry farm in Grayland, so we had a great excuse to spend a lot of time out on the coast. I’ll never forget the day that I hooked my first ling from the rocks on the jetty. I was a small child, we were bouncing 1 oz. lead head jigs off the bottom, with motor oil colored rubber squids. It was sunny out, the wind wasn’t bad, and the tide was changing. I had been casting maybe a total...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 3/27/2015  Author: Nate Treat
Wanapum Reservoir Filling, Chelan Trout Derby
I spent some time last week at the Annual Big Horn Show in Spokane. It was my first time at the show and was very impressed. I got to meet a lot of new people in the outdoor industry. On my way to the show I got a call from Olympia, telling me that I had been appointed to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission. The letter from Jay Inslee is in the mail. Governor Inslee also appointed Kim Thorburn, of Spokane, to fill a vacant eastern Washington position. Thorburn ha...
Category: Lakes  Date: 3/25/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
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